Paslode Power Tools

Paslode Nail Guns & nail fuel packs in stock. Low prices. Paslode are now internationally renowned as innovators and leaders in the manufacturing of cordless and pneumatic nailing systems for timber construction and industrial applications.

Paslode IM65A 2nd Fix Promo Kit. £375.00 ex. VAT each
Paslode IM65 2nd Fix Promo Kit. £375.00 ex. VAT each
Paslode TX Bit Case Ref 137996 £17.50 ex. VAT each

In 1986 Paslode launched a tool in the UK which revolutionised the way in which many building trades work on site. Operating through a linear combustion engine, Paslode Impulse gas nailing products were cordless and users could move freely around construction sites without being restricted by the hoses and compressors required by pneumatic tools. Now, over twenty five years later, the Paslode Impulse range has developed to offer solutions for both first and second timber to timber applications enabling users to work more effectively for longer periods of time.