Metal Web Joist

Posi-Joist combines the lightness of timber with the strength of the posi-strut steel web to form the most versatile open web system available to the modern building designer.

With Greater spans and design flexibility the Posi-Joist gives you unequalled design freedom across a wide range of applications for both floor and roof in domestic, industrial and commercial structures. 

For new properties the Code for Sustainable Homes will bring about radical changes to building practice.

The sic levels of compliance being introduced from 2010 through to 2016, will require house builders and construction companies to look at innovative ways of achieving the new requirments without greatly increasing cost.

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR) are a very effective way to reduce the heat energy used in thermally efficient homes. The introduction of these systems whithin domestic homes creates the problem of how to accommodate them into existing designs.

By including Posi-Joist into the design with its open web configuration, clear service runs are available offering the totaldesign flexibility not available with solid floor solutions.

Span Tolerance - You will never come short with Posi-Joist 'Trimmable End'. Each end can be engineered with a 150mm trimmable solid block, allowing bearing location discrepancies to be remedied with simple on-site trimming.

Flexibility - A range of depths, length and specification can be produced to suit your needs. End details for a variety of support and features can be catered for.

Roofing Application - With timbers oriented on edge, greater depth and strength can be achieved making Posi-Joist perfect for roofing applications and extremely competitive against other timber products and steel. Spans in excess of 12m can be produced for flat roof, low and steep pitched applications.


You simply can't afford to ignore the advantages of the  Metal Web Joist system.