Treated Carcassing

TANALITH E pressure treated timber Tanalith® E is modern and proven preservative based on Arch’s patented copper triazole technology. Tanalised® E treated timber is now approved and used in over 30 countries worldwide to protect all timbers used in above ground, in ground or even water contact applications. Tanalith® preservatives and Tanalised® treated timber meet a wide range of International Standards for wood protection. VACSOL Aqua treated timber has been impregnated with VACSOL Aqua preservative, a waterborne product containing biodegradable fungicides and insecticides. VACSOL Aqua treated timber is usually specified for above dpc level construction timbers with a low to medium risk of decay or insect attack.

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Our Eased-Edged timber is FSC® certified as is all our graded and ungraded, treated and untreated carcassing.

Our Roofing Timber, Slate Batten, CLS and Scant are all PEFC certified.

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